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SCCCI, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, brings over nearly 40 years of construction experience with a reputation in delivering outstanding residential home improvement projects.

With our many years of experience, we have discovered the key to every project’s success, and it’s understanding the homeowner’s needs and expectations and then exceeding them!

Experience The Passion

As a team of committed professionals, we pride ourselves on being a growth company that understands that the trust of our customers is the key to our success.


Established in 1986

Here at SCCCI, we have been doing efficiency work since green was just a color and not a movement. Since then, we have had the joy of welcoming over 19,000 customers into our family who continue to do work with us and refer their family and friends. Our company started with a boyfriend and girlfriend out of their apartment. Now husband and wife, Larry (President) and Deborah (Executive Vice President) have expanded to a company with over 50 employees and are now in our sixth office space with a warehouse for our products. We have also had the joy of welcoming several family members into the office, which has created a very passionate work place. We look forward to working with those that we have not yet had the pleasure of welcoming into our growing family!


In the SCCCI family, we value above all else, two very important aspects of our organization: our customers and our teammates. For the past 36+ years, we have understood that motivated and hardworking people within an organization are hard to come by, and that’s why we value them. This philosophy has served us well and sustained us for nearly four decades. Our mission at SCCCI is Total Customer Satisfaction. As a leader in the Home Improvement services industry, we adhere by:

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Our top priority is to make our customer’s remodeling project a dream—not a nightmare! Creating dream homes one house at a time is what we do.

Core Values

We let our work speak for itself. At SCCCI, our strategy is to utilize quality work and fair prices to make people tell their friends and family about us.

Vision for the Future

Our vision is to maintain the company within the family, with a father passing it to the son and to the son’s son. We want to remain in business not just for four decades, but for a century!

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What People Are Saying

“Working with SCCCI has been nothing but a pleasurable experience. I would highly recommend them for any home remodeling projects in SO CAL. From Mike, James, Henry, Serene and the whole crew have been a delight to work with.”

Robin R.

“I used SCCCI to have the exterior of my home repainted. They came out and gave a full explanation as to the work that needed to be done, cost, and how long it would take. We hired them, and it was a great experience. They were professional, showed up on time, communicated, and did a great job.”

Todd S.

“I got my windows replaced a month ago and it looks beautiful. Awesome costumer service as well. Overall they made me feel safe. The whole experience was good. They are experts, not amateurs. No issues, no hicups and great products. Thank you!”

Shanoah N.