How Much are New Windows

Windows can run from $100.00’s each to $1,000.00’s each. Some ask how or why this is the case. The best answer for you to get the quickest understanding would be to use the analogy of cars. Cars are not just cars, just like windows are not just windows.

Again like cars (tires, gas, steering wheel, doors, etc.), windows also have the basics: (frame, glass, lock(s) & opening mechanisms).

As we all know, a car with basic tires instead of top quality tires or a cheap/standard sound system versus a custom sound system changes the price you pay significantly!

So let’s have a little chat about windows. I’ll attempt to take the major components of windows and what is a basic or standard component versus what is available as an “upgrade” and, lastly, what the top-of-the-line windows offer.

Window Frames

The frame is critical. The frame is the part of the window that holds the glass in place, helps guide (in a track) the operation of the window, and adds to or subtracts from your home’s energy efficiency. The materials that a frame is made of can reduce or increase the amount of noise entering your home.

Frames can be made of aluminum, wood, vinyl, composite wood, fiberglass, virgin vinyl, or aluminum. Below we’ll go over what different window materials have to offer:

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum is usually among the cheapest of your window options. Why? Because aluminum conducts heat & cold, therefore, the inside of your home will be taking on the outside temperature all day, every day. Aluminum also does corrode over time and rattles in the slightest of wind conditions. Aluminum windows are very easy to break into and do not offer much security. Aluminum allows dust and other allergens into your home as well.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows easily get discolored and break down from the sun’s ultraviolet light. It oxidizes and turns chalky. Vinyl is usually extruded thin, which causes it to become warped over time.

Virgin Vinyl Windows

On the other hand, virgin vinyl is made without “fillers.” By utilizing virgin vinyl windows made with quality vinyl, you eliminate the chances of chalking, warping, and discoloration.

Wooden Windows

Wooden windows are the most beautiful, natural, and expensive option. Most if not all wood windows currently in the marketplace must be custom milled (a very expensive process), Then, you need to locate parts that are difficult to come by IE. Sash balances, you have constant maintenance duties, such as painting, wood rot prevention & termite infestation control.

Important Window Factors to Consider

Other important factors that will go into your window decision(s):

  • Aesthetics
  • How frame components are connected
  • Security (locking mechanisms)
  • Energy efficiency
  • Warranty (labor? materials?)
  • Maintenance
  • Quality control
  • Type of installation: retrofit, new construction, and or “cut and tuck”
  • Installation quality

How Much Do Windows Cost?

So to give you an idea of the cost ranges of windows, it would look like this…


Bottom line cheapest window you can buy would be aluminum (standard size) at any of your big box stores for between $175.00 and $310.00. Should you need or desire a size that is not on the shelves, you will need to make a custom order at the store’s “order desk,” usually causing the price to duplicate! $300.00 to $600.00 per window. Again, this does not include installation. In addition, there are many other responsibilities to consider when ordering your own windows… here are just a few.

Responsibilities of Buying Your Own Windows

The windows you purchase at the store will be ordered to the size you provide. Therefore, you are responsible for purchasing replacements on any window that you inadvertently mismeasure. You will need to know the following elements:

  • Wall condition
  • Wall thickness
  • Egress codes & formulas
  • Types of glass
  • Glass thickness(es)
  • Type of locking mechanisms you desire
  • The operation you desire
  • Many others that we will address in another blog

To learn more about the costs of windows and the benefits they offer, feel free to contact SCCCI today! Give us a call at (800) 413-3333 or click here for a FREE estimate!