Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Sliding Patio Doors

Do you have an old patio door that could use an upgrade, or will you be adding a patio or deck to your home? A patio can enhance your home’s outdoor appeal and provide a beautiful spot to enjoy the outdoors. Patios need doors, and a sliding patio door is a great way to round out any look. Investing in a sliding patio door can boost your home’s aesthetic while providing many other advantages for you and your home. The following guide explains why you should upgrade to sliding patio doors with SCCCI!

1. Energy Efficient

Sliding doors are designed to help keep your indoor temperatures regulated. They act as great insulators and use double pane glass to keep heat loss to a minimum. For even higher quality insulation, doors with argon gas between the panes will consistently keep your home at a comfortable temperature. This feature keeps cold air in and heat out during the summer and the opposite during colder seasons. Your sliding patio door can go even further to improve energy efficiency when it has coated or glazed glass. This glass reduces UV ray exposure, frost, and condensation to continue regulating your home’s indoor temperature.

2. Creates Easy Traffic Flow

Sliding doors are oversized to make foot traffic flow smoothly. Social gatherings are more effortless when guests can conveniently walk in and out through a sliding door. Moving things in and out of your house is also more accessible with sliding glass doors. Couches, mattresses, and other large objects can fit through sliding patio doors without having to angle and squeeze them through. A sliding patio door with four panels can be twice as wide as the average entryway, providing more space, natural light, and a stunning view.

3. Provides Safety and Security 

Eliminating risks is a priority when renovating your home. Sliding glass doors help with safety, especially if you have young children. These doors stay put until you move them, so they won’t swing or slam when there are strong winds, meaning no one will be hit or hurt their fingers.

Sliding doors also have many security advantages. The door only locks from the inside so that no one can open them from the outside. Patio doors have many different locking mechanisms you can choose from to ensure they are as secure as possible. Most sliding doors come with multi-point locks that secure both the top and bottom of the doors. Adding a patio screen door also makes your home safer and limits insects from coming inside.

4. Brings in More Natural Light 

Sliding doors have multiple large glass panes that allow tons of natural sunlight into the house. During the day, this reduces the need for artificial lights, which lowers your electric bills and makes your home feel warm and inviting. Adding sidelights and transom windows to the door also lets more light into your room and completes the glass wall look. This glass wall will give you a spectacular view of the outside landscape throughout the day.

5. Better Visibility of the Outdoors 

You have a clearer view of your yard with larger panes, which is helpful when you have children. You can keep an eye on your kids when they play outside, adding to the safety the door already provides. Your children can play without worry, knowing you are nearby, and they can get your attention if they need to. Depending on where the sliding door is placed, you will also have visual access to the street and your driveway. This line of sight helps you monitor your surroundings and track any suspicious activity.

6. Style and Appearance 

Compared to other doors, sliding doors are quieter and require less maintenance which lowers costs. They are a great and affordable way to add functionality to your home. Because they come with more compact designs, you can find a sliding patio door that fits your home’s current style. Sliding doors also save space; you won’t have to worry about additional swinging space, especially if you have a smaller home.  Believe it or not, sliding doors even add value to your home because they become a prominent piece. If you ever decide to sell your house, they can become a primary selling point.

7. Pet Friendly 

Sliding patio doors will also make your pets happy. Many sliding doors come with the choice to install a pet insert. This insert is easy to install without professional help, and can be added within a few hours. Adding a pet insert makes it easier for you because your pet can go outside whenever without you opening the door. These inserts come in different sizes to find the best one for your pet.

Time to Upgrade to Sliding Patio Doors with SCCCI 

If you’re planning on renovating your home, consider upgrading to sliding patio doors. These doors are energy-efficient, secure, and stylish. The advantages above prove that you have no reason not to get sliding patio doors. When you are ready to install your new sliding patio door, call SCCCI at (800) 413-3333 or check out our website to learn more about our services. We’ve got you covered.