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Is your front and backyard in need of some landscaping services? SCCCI can help! As part of our landscaping service, we’ll take care of the maintenance of your lawn, plants, garden, or any unique landscape features your home may have. Our motivated team of specialists will assist you in developing a plan to meet your landscaping needs. If you decide on getting regular maintenance, we can set up a schedule to ensure your landscape receives the regular care it needs.

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Experience and Tools

The maintenance and upkeep of your home’s landscape can be a burdensome task. It requires hours of physical labor on a recurring basis. Whether you’re too busy to dedicate time to this task, or simply would rather take on this responsibility, the SCCCI team is more than happy to remove that burden from your to-do list! We have the experience and tools needed to get the job done right!

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SCCCI’s list of services, projects, and clients highlights the breadth of nearly 40 years of experience on projects of all sizes. Our home improvement experts are fully committed to providing solutions that exceed the aspirations and expectations of our clients. Los Angeles homeowners repeatedly come back to us for our first-rate services renowned for quality workmanship and cost-effective solutions.

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Are you interested in our landscaping service? Give us a call to schedule a free consultation in which we’ll go over our service in more detail and provide you with a custom rate quote based on your specific requirements. Call (800) 413-3333 or click here for a FREE estimate! We’re located at 9960 Canoga Ave Suite D1, Chatsworth, CA 91311. You can also email us at